How Sustainability, Health Foods are Inspiring 2022 Event F&B

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Sustainable containers that maintain food temperature and quality during travel are among 2022 trends. (Photo: National Restaurant Association)

What’s cooking at the best events this year? The National Restaurant Association has released its “What’s Hot: 2022 Culinary Forecast,” which reveals that the F&B industry is choosing to reset in 2022. What was in 2021 an “off-premise” and “meal-kit” focus is this year centered around sustainability and health and immunity-boosting foods.

The association partnered with 350 professional chefs of the American Culinary Federation to compile the culinary trend report. Tomatoes, seeds, berries, olive oil and dark chocolate are among top picks for ingredients. Macro food trends focus on zero-waste and sustainability, and streamlined menus (either fewer items or cutting SKUs). Global influences are also among culinary trends taking over the F&B space. Leading the way is Southeast Asian (Vietnamese, Singaporean and Philippine) cuisine.

The top three spots in three categories of the culinary trends forecast are led by plant-based proteins that lighten traditional sandwiches, breakfast sandwiches and burgers. Plant-based proteins are also the substitute of choice for eco-minded brands operating amidst current animal protein supply shortages. To please consumers who prefer classic protein dishes, more affordable cuts will be served to offset rising food costs, the report states.

And no matter what is served, it will be perfectly packaged—in sustainable containers that maintain food temperature and quality during travel. Something to keep in mind for your in-person event’s “grab-and-go” F&B strategy.

economist_waste_beyond-sausage_teaserMore F&B Insights:

Top food trends of 2022:

  • Nontraditional breakfast proteins (chorizo and vegan bacon)
  • Plant-based breakfast sandwiches
  • Egg-based breakfast bowls
  • Plant-based sandwiches
  • Globally-inspired salads
  • Grain-based bowls
  • Plant-based burgers
  • Upscale potato chips (new preparations and flavors)
  • New appetizer wings (flavor-infusion sauces, global accents, plant-based)
  • Globally spiced fries (furikake and za’atar)
  • Alternative sweeteners (maple and coconut sugar)
  • Alcohol infusions
  • CBD desserts and snacks
  • Immunity-boosting and reduced-sugar snacks

Top beverage trends of 2022:

  • Nut milks (cashew and pistachio)
  • Non-alcohol seltzers/sparkling water
  • CBD-infused beverages
  • Hard seltzer
  • Uniquely spiced cocktail rims (Tajin and togarashi)
  • At-home cocktail kits

Top Condiments, Sauces, Spices and Seasonings of 2022:

  • Gochujang
  • Tajin
  • Harissa

Featured photo credit: iStock/vaaseenaa

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