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How Cracker Jack Is Taking Its Iconic Mystery Prizes Into The Digital Age

Cracker Jack is the original “master of surprise,” having satisfied the snacking masses for more than a century with its molasses-coated popcorn and peanuts, and nominal mystery prize buried inside each box. Leveraging that brand heritage, Cracker Jack launched The Surprise Inside Project, a nationwide movement to help parents deliver small, meaningful surprises to their families. The campaign, in partnership with parenting expert and online publisher Liz Gumbinner, kicked off June 26 in Herald Square, New York City.

Through July 31, consumers are invited to share on the Cracker Jack Facebook campaign page details about how they want to pull off small yet impactful surprises for their family and friends. Cracker Jack will fulfill hundreds of small surprises, each up to $20 in value (to prove good times don’t always mean breaking the bank), and deliver them to lucky participants in custom Cracker Jack-branded boxes. From there, using the hashtag #CJSurprise, participants are encouraged to share on social media a picture or video of their loved one opening up the surprise inside the box.

The Herald Square launch event featured music, entertainment, Cracker Jack samples and personalized boxes of Cracker Jack snacks for consumers to promote the project within their networks. The footprint came to life with two huge Cracker Jack boxes, one standing 15 feet tall and a second full of oversized popcorn kernels filled with small prizes for families to share. In addition, iconic mascot Sailor Jack posed for photos with attendees.

Cracker Jack plans to build on the campaign throughout the year with opportunities for families inside and outside of Major League Baseball ballparks, where for decades the brand has made its mark.

“The Surprise Inside Project is one of the biggest campaigns the Cracker Jack brand has embarked on in quite some time,” says Haston Lewis, senior director of marketing at Frito-Lay. “We’re thrilled to introduce a digital campaign with millennial families in mind.”

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