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How to Make Events Greener

LIVING GREEN takes more than changing a lightbulb or buying a hybrid car. It requires a real commitment to making green choices in the most major and minor aspects of a lifestyle. In the event marketing industry it isn’t any different. Many companies are taking baby steps towards making their businesses greener from top to bottom.

But there’s no green rulebook so knowing that you’re doing the right thing can be difficult. Many companies turn to government and third-party certifications. The most popular in the green arena is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification a green building code for permanent structures. That’s not much help for event marketers because it doesn’t lend itself to short-term experiential marketing events. It could be applied to a pop-up store but the high costs of constructing a LEED-certified pop-up for a short time could take its toll on a budget. All is not lost though. There are certifications that can be useful to event marketers. EM chatted with the experts at Scientific Certification Systems a third-party provider of certification auditing and testing services and standards to find out which certifications fit the event-marketing bill.

VERIFLORA SUSTAINABLY GROWN. The flowers and plants event marketers use to liven up event spaces can be VeriFlora certified. It pertains specifically to fresh-cut flowers and potted plants. This certified flora is guaranteed to have been produced in an environmentally and socially responsible manner and meets the highest standards for freshness and quality.

INDOOR AIR QUALITY. From the air we breathe to the chairs we sit on the Indoor Air Quality certification assures that items like furniture paint and flooring do not contain contaminates that are hazardous to consumers’ health. Many biodegradable recyclable and sustainable items make the grade.

FOREST MANAGEMENT. For wood products specifically event marketers can turn to the Forest Management certification which SCS adapted from the Forest Stewardship Council. It touches on everything wooden from pencils to musical instruments. This certification allows companies to help maintain the world’s forestlands by making conscious decisions about which wood developers they buy products from.

FOOD AND AGRICULTURE SERVICES. In addition to going organic consider choosing food that has been NutriClean certified. NutriClean certified food is often organic but doesn’t have to be. All foods under this label however are certified pesticide residue free. The standard is up to 1 000 times tougher than legally permitted pesticide levels.


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