How U.S. Cellular Leverages The Handshake – Event Marketer

How U.S. Cellular Leverages The Handshake – Event Marketer

How U.S. Cellular Leverages The Handshake

U.S. Cellular’s latest mobile tour is about more than creating awareness and educating consumers. The tour, which launched in May and runs through October, is providing the brand an opportunity to build relationships by connecting consumers with staff from local stores in a no-pressure environment.

Two semi-tractor trailer trucks and a scaled-down 10-foot by 20-foot tented exhibit are traveling to events as varied as the Iowa Speedway in Newton, IA, the Milwaukee County Zoo and the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson, KS. At each stop, U.S. Cellular sales associates, along with brand ambassadors, are handing out cards, striking up conversations and casually engaging with consumers.

“When it comes to sponsorships, because we have the opportunity within the experiential exhibits to engage with the consumer directly, it’s really to take it beyond awareness and to start to drive consideration,” says Rebecca Kruse, senior manager, sponsorship and events at U.S. Cellular.

Three areas within the exhibits demonstrate how connected devices improve daily life beyond calling, texting and email:

• In the Live Better area, which is designed as a living room, attendees can use connected devices such as the iPhone 5c or Samsung Galaxy S5 to control household appliances while Disney movies stream on TV.

• In the Play Better area, they can use smartphones to guide a remote-controlled Sphero ball through a tricky three-level course. The area also features high-tech accessories such as the Goji Blue cardio monitor, Beats by Dre headphones, a NetCam Wi-Fi Camera and more.

• A Rewards Wall, set up like a classic memory game, awards prizes to attendees who match two items and reinforces the brand’s “official wireless” category exclusivity with each property. Everyone can play, however, U.S. Cellular customers receive premium prizes, such as concert tickets, artist meet-and-greets and concession discounts. U.S. Cellular customers also can enter their phone numbers to receive rewards points good toward accessories, phone upgrades and other items.

“The tour is an opportunity to naturally integrate our products and services while engaging the consumer in a fun and interactive way,” Kruse says. “We are getting the devices in their hands they are using them and learning the full potential of what these things can do to better their life, which was the end goal of what we were trying to do there.” Agency: JAY Advertising, Chicago.

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