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AFI Brings Safe Driving Message to Teens via Four-month Tour

As part of its strategy to promote safe driving among teens and connect with high school students and their parents, American Family Insurance is sponsoring the fifth annual Under Armour All-America Game. Prior to the game the brand is executing a four-month American Family Insurance Selection Tour that targets the high schools of the athletes selected to participate in the game on Jan. 5 at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, FL. Three teams of two brand ambassadors will crisscross the country to bring AFI’s safe driving message to students.

At the events, the selected athletes receive their honorary jerseys from American Family Insurance agents and guest speakers challenge each student body to take a pledge to commit to safe driving. At select stops there is a “crushed car” activation where students can write personal messages about friends or family they might have lost to a car accident, or any other related messages, on the vehicle.

“This is an opportunity to give teens real emotional and visceral experiences by having them participate in the crushed car signing,” Telisa Yancy, advertising director at American Family Insurance, told Buzz. “It gets these young people thinking about the idea of getting behind the wheel and their future, all at the same time. The reality is that many people still text and drive, so we want to provide a hands-on experience to allow teens to touch and understand that it’s a real problem and hopefully when they get behind the wheel they’ll remember this experience.”

So far the tour has received a strong response from local TV, radio and newspapers covering the students’ pledges. The Under Armour All-America Game will be aired on ESPN. Agency: Intersport, Chicago.

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