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Canon’s Interactive Gallery Targets Serious Shutterbugs

To raise awareness and educate serious photographers about its PIXMA PRO series of printers, Canon on Sept. 26 launched a three-city series of interactive galleries called City Senses. The first event took place in New York City, then moved to Chicago. The series wrapped in San Francisco on Oct. 8.

“The whole idea behind the events is to show the power of the printed image in a unique way,” Jim Booth, supervisor, marketing ITCG Printer/Consumer Product Marketing Division at Canon, told Buzz.

Each event centers on a theme and the emotions it inspires based on sensory experiences. In New York City, four gallery rooms showcased works by local photographers that illustrated emotions evoked by Coney Island. One room displayed images relating to the smell of suntan lotion; for touch, another room featured photos of sand; the taste room pictured cotton candy; and for hearing, the clickety-clack of Coney Island’s wooden roller coaster and people screaming on the ride. A host in each room, which was dimly lit at first, provided background and encouraged guests to think about their own reaction to the sensory trigger. Then the lights came up to reveal the photographers’ interpretations.

In New York City, the main gallery featured photography by celebrity host and actor Norman Reedus, from AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” Rapper COMMON hosted the Chicago event, and chef Tyler Florence, San Francisco.

Guests included advanced amateur photographers who have just begun using technical cameras to capture better images, “prosumers” who have had some training on how to use these cameras and professional photographers. Local retail partners and their customers, photography professors, students as well as influencers also attended the events.

“We are always trying to show customers or potential customers what they can do with a printer,” Booth said. “In this experience we tried to trigger emotions that you are tied to when you smell or taste something, what ideas that brings to you and how you can be a creative enabler and showcase your prints at home. Being able to look and feel a tangible print brings your images to a new light.” Agency: Grey Activation and P.R., a division of Grey Advertising, New York City.


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