Puppeteers Help LG Launch its TWIN Wash Appliances – Event Marketer

Puppeteers Help LG Launch its TWIN Wash Appliances – Event Marketer

Puppeteers Help LG Launch its TWIN Wash Appliances

In a Broadway-inspired event in New York City’s Theater District, LG on Nov. 3 launched its TWIN Wash laundry appliances with six performances featuring 16-foot-tall laundry puppets. The event, LG TWIN Wash Presents: Divide & Conquer on Broadway, took place between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. in Father Duffy Square put on by puppeteers, performers and award-winning Broadway choreographer Joshua Bergasse.

The performances were designed to showcase the product’s laundry innovation, which lets users run two separate loads of laundry at the same time, working in tandem with a SideKick unit built into the front-loader washer for small, custom-care laundry loads. Spotlighting this dual-washing capability was a 14-foot version of the LG TWIN Wash laundry pair unit, the two 16-foot puppets and six dancers specializing in martial arts, acrobatics and Capoeira (a Brazilian martial art). The performance culminated with the “delicate” and “regular” performance artists vying for position in the giant front-loading drum and pedestal washer structure.

In addition to the live performances, consumers could visit specially designed “onstage” areas and a pop-up mock laundry room to experience and demo the products and learn more about their capabilities. They also had the chance to win prizes including Broadway.com gift certificates and the machine itself. Content from the live performances, which took six months to plan, was captured for a 60-second digital commercial spot helping to promote the availability of the pair in stores nationwide Dec. 20.

“TWIN Wash is a completely new revolutionary innovation for our category, and we wanted to create an event that was as big as the innovation we were bringing to market,” says Angela Smith, director-brand marketing and communications for home appliance at LG Electronics USA. “In the past we’ve done events that were more media- and p.r.-centric, but we wanted this to be a consumer experience where people could look, feel and touch and see a performance that brings to life the benefit of the product in an exciting and interesting way.” Agency: Barkley Kalpak Agency, New York City.


WATCH: LG TWIN Wash Presents: Divide & Conquer on Broadway

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