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Serving Up a Slice of the $50 Billion Pop-Up Industry

A new study out by PopUp Republic, a social media marketing company, has put a dollar value on the pop-up industry: $50 billion, according to sales figures it compiled. Considering the total annual U.S. retail market is projected at $4.5 trillion, and the online retail market at $300 billion, pop-ups then appear to be “a slice, albeit a very significant slice, of the pie,” the company says.

In the event world pop-ups vary in style and strategy, and different types of companies have borrowed pages from the playbook, further broadening the definition. For example, e.a.t., a nonprofit organization aimed at making healthy food more accessible, has converted unused newsstands across Chicago into food stands or “e.a.t. spots.” PNC Bank last fall tested an all-digital pop-up branch in Atlanta designed to “bring the bank to consumers.”

To get a handle on what consumers are looking for when they visit a pop-up, PopUp Republic polled 1,224 U.S. adults and the results point to some significant findings that may help marketers shape their pop-up strategies this season, in whatever form they take. For instance, when asked to name the top three reasons to shop or visit a pop-up store, the poll found that 61 percent go to find seasonal products, 39 percent go to find unique services or products and 36 percent to shop locally.

As you mull-over these statistics, take inspiration from a few notable pop-up programs.

 Photo courtesy, top: Sara Kerens for Etsy, NYC 2013

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