Intel Brings WiMAX to Life at CES - Event Marketer

Intel Brings WiMAX to Life at CES – Event Marketer

Intel Brings WiMAX to Life at CES

Intel last week wowed CES crowds with a WiMAX demo that fully connected a full-scale BMW racetrack outside the convention center with the company’s on-site CES booth in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Leveraging its relationship with Formula 1 racing and BMW Intel brought the wireless broadband product to life by stretching the WiMAX demo from its booth all the way to the outer reaches of the convention center into a full-on racetrack dubbed Pit Lane Park.

The WiMAX attraction featured a miniature track with remote-control cars that race each other—and here’s where it gets good—through controllers located back inside the Intel booth on the show. How did attendees in the booth control miniature race cars on the BMW track? Uh-huh… WiMAX. To tie the racetrack to the booth on the show floor Intel allowed visitors to race the cars when they visit the booth instantly driving people from the track to the convention floor and vice-versa.

“How do you communicate WiMAX? This helps us immediately break through and help attendees get it ” Victor Torregroza events program manager told Buzz.

Visitors could also walk through a museum of race car parts from exhaust systems to cool tires to windshields. Next comes the F1 Training Center where attendees can experience the fitness regimen of an F1 driver including a full-size reflex tester (think a game of Simon… on steroids). Brand ambassadors in fitness garb coaxed visitors into the space so they test can their stamina. A Pit Stop Challenge tested how fast visitors could change four tires just like they do during a real pit stop.


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