10,000 Bouquets: FTD and PopSugar Celebrate International Women’s Day – Event Marketer

10,000 Bouquets: FTD and PopSugar Celebrate International Women’s Day – Event Marketer
10,000 Bouquets: FTD and PopSugar Celebrate International Women's Day

10,000 Bouquets: FTD and PopSugar Celebrate International Women’s Day

Flowers are an ageless item, able to transcend generations as a symbol of celebration. To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, floral delivery network FTD and millennial lifestyle media site PopSugar handed out 10,000 custom bouquets to consumers in New York City. The campaign, dubbed #PetalsForProgress, gave women (and men) a chance to participate in the day by leveraging a free bouquet to gift to and celebrate women in their lives.

“Flowers have always had a longstanding history of playing such a vital role in celebrations and events in women’s lives, so we think it’s just the perfect combination to get together with PopSugar, since their content is geared toward women,” says Andrea Ancel, lead floral designer at FTD.

The brands took over a storefront at 34 Little West 12th St. in Manhattan to create the #PetalsForProgress Flower Market, and handed out bouquets on the street. Inside the space, Ancel conducted floral and bouquet arranging demonstrations, while consumers enjoyed a “floral wonderland” of 15,000 fresh flowers used to create walls of flowers, a floral-covered garden swing for photo ops, carts filled with blossoms and a bouquet bar. The flowers generated socially shareable moments and photo ops (especially, since it’s New York City in the depths of winter). There were gourmet-dipped strawberries from Shari’s Berries to nosh on. Dana Avidan Cohn, executive style director of PopSugar, shared messages about her commitment to progressing female empowerment.

FTD partnered with the Women’s Economic Empowerment Global Live project (WEE), an organization of UN Women, hosting a Facebook Live broadcast, which focused on how to thrive in the corporate world as a female. FTD also donated flowers to women across the country for various WEE events.

“We always look for brands that we have an organic synergy with, that are likeminded and want to focus on the same important topics,” Avidan Cohn says. “We love to bring our audience something special, and we know our audience loves flowers, they’re very visual, and since we wanted to spread this message in a beautiful way, this seemed like a natural partnership.”


Get a Whiff of FTD and PopSugar’s International Women’s Day Celebration:

Photo courtesy: Sean T. Smith | IG @stsphotovideo

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