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Nine Insights on the Evolution of the Fabrication Industry

Trends, tips and takeaways from today’s top exhibit houses


As live events continue to grow at an unprecedented rate, exhibit houses are racing to keep up with demand, producing more trade show exhibits, museum displays and outdoor installations than ever before. With so many moving parts, we took a deep dive into the fabrication industry as part of our Fab 50 coverage to get a look at everything from insights on shrinking timelines to forging strategic partnerships. Here’s a look at nine topics that shed light on how the industry is evolving—and what’s to come.


  • Fab 50 2016: Making the Most of Partnerships

    Event marketers know great events are the product of great partnerships. Here, the 2016 Fab 50 weigh in on how you can make the most of yours.

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  • Fab 50 2016: The Top Three Trends of the Year

    As the industry adapts to new technology, younger attendees, stricter timelines and a host of other factors, fabricators are seeing a shift in strategies. For this year’s Fab 50, these three trends popped to the top of the list.

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  • Fab 50 2016: Dwell Time Tips

    The way trade show attendees navigate booth spaces isn’t what it used to be. Fabricators are altering the way they view dwell time and the customer journey. Here, three tips for improving the in-booth experience.

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  • Fab 50 2016: Three Insights on the Ever-Shrinking Timeline

    Deadlines have always been a cumbersome part of the fabrication process, but with today’s high-demand requests and condensed timelines, exhibitors are feeling the squeeze more than ever. Three perspectives from pros in the trenches on how time constraints are impacting the industry.

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  • Fab 50 2016 Q&A: Optimizing Data Collection

    This year, in addition to the 2016 Fab 50 lineup, we offered a deeper dive into the state of the fabrication industry, including the role of data collection. Following is an insider look at how—and why—to optimize data collection with Aidan Corish, owner and cco at Tangram.

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  • Fab 50 2016: Engaging the Next Generation

    Millennials have begun to comprise a hefty portion of trade show attendees and fabricators say their strategies are shifting in tandem with the influx of this new generation. Following are four tips for working with a younger crowd.

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  • Fab 50 2016: A Look at Today’s Top Client Requests

    Exhibit houses get requests for everything under the sun, but many agencies say a handful of topics regularly emerge when it comes to today’s client needs. Take a look at three of the industry’s top requests.

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  • Fab 50 2016: Cost Containment Strategies

    According to this year’s Fab 50, maintaining a low budget is among today’s biggest client concerns. From drayage to materials, exhibit houses have to calculate their every move to ensure expenses are on track. Take a look at three insights on keeping costs in check.

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  • Fab 50 2016: Four Insights on Leveraging Tech for Exhibits

    Technology for technology’s sake is never a winning strategy, but there’s definitely a nuance to understanding how much to use, when, and most importantly, for what purpose. While some clients demand the latest and greatest, others say it’s a waste of precious budget dollars. Here, four of our Fab 50 experts weigh in.

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