Fab 50 2016: A Look at Today’s Top Client Requests – Event Marketer

Fab 50 2016: A Look at Today’s Top Client Requests – Event Marketer
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Fab 50 2016: A Look at Today’s Top Client Requests

Each year, our Fab 50 program provides a list of the top fabricators serving the event and trade show industry in an effort to simplify the exhibit partner selection process. This year, in addition to the 2016 Fab 50 lineup, we offered a deeper dive into the state of the fabrication industry, including client requests.

Exhibit houses get requests for everything under the sun, but many agencies say a handful of topics regularly emerge when it comes to today’s client needs. Take a look at three of the industry’s top requests:

1. Cost Efficiency

“We’re looking at keeping the weights down, reducing drayage costs and also being able to shrink the load that we provide and ship. In addition to that… we are reducing the size or volume of space that [clients] are using in our warehouse so their storage costs on an annual basis are much reduced over what they were several years ago. All of those things are really key aspects and top of mind for our clients and have changed the whole fabrication outlook and the whole process.” —Alph Leydon, evp, The Taylor Group

2. Accountability to the Bottom Line

“A top request is accountability, and that’s specific to return on investment. Face-to-face marketing is the most extensive form of marketing; that’s an inalienable truth… So for us in the last couple of years in this industry, it’s really been focused on what can we do to show our clients that when they spend a dollar with us, what’s it going to get them. That’s been a big challenge and focus for us.” —Rick Stoner, marketing director, Derse

3. High-quality Exhibits

“Clients are really looking for a better product… Five to 10 years ago they were just looking for cheap, cheap, cheap and they didn’t really care about quality. And now with brands becoming more important, our clients really want to make sure that every piece that they put out reflects exactly what their brand is looking to achieve.” —Rob Tivadar, president, EDE

This story appeared in the August 2016 issue

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