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Sports Marketing: Coke Out Pepsi In With New NHL Deal

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PepsiCo has signed a multiyear deal with the National Hockey League
replacing Coca-Cola which had been an NHL sponsor for 17 years.


Susan McDermott a spokeswoman for Coca-Cola told Buzz that the brand
felt it could find more value in deals with the individual teams. “It
became apparent to us that the level of value at the national level
wasn’t what we were looking for ” McDermott said. “Given that we have
18 of the 30 NHL teams including all six in Canada and five of… the
NHL’s original six [teams] we just felt like it was a better
opportunity to connect with people at the local level with their local
teams where they’re most passionate about hockey.”


With the new deal Pepsi’s Gatorade becomes the official beverage of
the NHL and the sports drink will be all 30 NHL teams’ benches during
games. The company also will use the partnership as an opportunity to
promote other products in its stable of brands. “With all of PepsiCo
involved there are many different ways we can work together involving
several different products ” Michelle Naughton a spokeswoman for
PepsiCo told Buzz.



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