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Guerrilla Marketing: FreshDirect Rolls To Moms

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A new guerrilla campaign is helping online gourmet grocer FreshDirect play up its consumers’ on-the-go lifestyles as the grocer enters new markets in New Jersey and Long Island; the company is also hitting Manhattan in an effort to keep the brand’s buzz going there.

A team of eight rollerbladers wearing bright orange branded sweatshirts and old-school skater helmets are storming parks playgrounds and even yoga classes four days each week in search of moms and families. The teams are doling food samples plus $25 coupons for new customers and free delivery offers for current customers.

“Guerrilla marketing allows us to be flexible with the schedule and… we need to be flexible so we can change the schedule as we go and pay more attention to new markets ” Dana Smith FreshDirect’s director-marketing and p.r. told Buzz. “This part of our integrated marketing plan is very effective when we launch in new zones to get new customers.” The campaign will expand to include the Hamptons starting Memorial Day weekend. Agency: Events East Southampton NY.


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