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Branded Entertainment: Meow Mix Takes House To The Airwaves

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Meow Mix has taken the concept of its 2005 pop-up store a step further
and is dipping its paws into branded content with a weekly reality show
airing Fridays on Animal Planet.


In “The Meow Mix House ” 10 cats from shelters around the country are
competing for two faux “executive jobs” at Meow Mix. In each episode
the cats compete in challenges like best purr and a scratch-pole climb.
Actors recorded voice-overs for each cat to give the felines their own
personalities. Cats voted off by viewers and company execs after each
show are adopted back in their hometowns. The first episode aired last
week; the final show is August 18. Meow Mix tried to stay away from
blatant branding during the program aside from the name of the house
itself and product placement in the background. Ira Cohen
director-marketing for Meow Mix told Buzz the brand wanted to keep the
show entertaining rather than turning it into a commercial. The
episodes were filmed in the last 10 days in New York City ; the venue
was open to visitors from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day.


“Meow Mix is known as a fun brand so entertaining our consumer base of
cat lovers is something we’ve always wanted to do ” Cohen said. “Giving
consumers entertaining ways to have cats involved in a program is
great. On the other side we’re getting cats adopted and raising
awareness for adoption of so many cats so it’s a feel-good too.”


Street teams have been driving around New York City handing out samples
of the brand’s new wet cat food and invitations to the house. Agency:
Grand Central Marketing New York City .



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