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Go Time: Eight Ways to Engage Commuters

Reaching consumers amid their jam-packed schedules can make it challenging for brands to find time to connect. But between all the hustle and bustle event marketers are carving out a space where they’re sure to stop customers in their tracks: the daily commute.

Whether they’re taking trains, flying on planes or traveling on foot, commuters often have a little down time before being whisked away to their next destination—and brands are taking advantage. Here are our picks for eight brands who found a way to make a meaningful connection—while on the go.

  • How Oxygen ‘Prancified’ Morning Travel in Manhattan

    To generate hype for “The Prancing Elites Project,” Oxygen Media on Jan. 19 “prancified” New Yorkers’ morning commute with free eats and live performances. Aiming to build buzz for the program’s second season, the brand wrapped five coffee carts and placed them in high foot traffic locations that were in close proximity to advertising agencies...

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  • Uniqlo Promotes its Chicago Store Opening with Train Parties

    Japanese clothing retailer Uniqlo took commuter events to a new level with a total train takeover to promote the opening of its first Midwest store in Chicago. The brand wrapped a Chicago Transit train in graphics and hosted consumers on 15-minute party loops (on the El, Downtown Loop) while delivering messaging and serving up prizes....

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  • Amtrak Whisks Travelers Away in a Teleporter

    New York City’s Penn Station is a more than 100-year-old architectural landmark and busy railroad hub. So imagine the surprise and delight of Amtrak train travelers when they came across a futuristic “Teleporter” that whisked them away instantly to another city. The experience, activated in the Amtrak Rotunda at the station Sept. 14-25, helped Amtrak...

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  • San Fran Targets Commuters with an Earth-Friendly Activation

    To raise awareness of its zero waste objectives and connect one-on-one with the city’s residents and visitors, the San Francisco Department of the Environment from July 20 to 22 activated a temporary street-side coffee stand that distributed free coffee to commuters who brought their own cup. The earth-friendly activation effort, dubbed SF Thing To Do,...

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  • Kipling Launches Surprise And Delight Campaign

    What started last year as an experiment in “making happy” on a block in San Francisco has become a movement for Kipling, a maker of handbags and accessories whose brand logo includes a long-tailed monkey and the words Make Happy. On April 8, it kicked off the initiative in New York City, where Kipling brand...

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  • Audi’s Airport Drive Simulation Takes Travelers To Vail

    Travelers and ski buffs passing through Denver International Airport earlier this year couldn’t miss Audi’s Dome of Quattro installation, a set-up that involved two giant geodesic domes, an Audi S3 and a 360-degree virtual drive simulation to Vail. The 16-week experience, which took place in the airport’s central Great Hall, showcased the brand’s ski heritage,...

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  • Johnsonville Targets Commuters With Guerrilla Sampling

    Earlier this year, commuters on Atlanta’s MARTA rail system got to try some Johnsonville sausage links on their way to and from work, and Johnsonville got to try out a guerrilla sampling campaign. The four-week pilot program, which was called Next Stop: Johnsonville and began mid-January, marked a departure from its traditional sampling vehicle, the...

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  • Chobani Turns to Events to Stir Up the Yogurt Wars

    Chobani, the top-selling Greek yogurt brand in the U.S., is no stranger to event marketing. As Peter McGuinness, chief marketing and brand officer, at Chobani says, “We’re a very grassroots brand, we always have been, and we’re very active socially. Part of Chobani’s brand DNA is to be exciting, have fun, be surprising, delighting and...

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