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Intel and Lady Gaga Perform Mind-Blowing Tech Feats

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Brand: INTEL
Year: 2017

A chip maker and a pop star? It seems an unlikely combination, but Intel through its sponsorship of Lady Gaga’s homage to David Bowie at the Grammy Awards demonstrated to its early adopter target how its innovations transform passion points like music. The musical experience (it was no ordinary musical performance) leveraged sensors, movement tracking devices, 3D facial mapping, projection, holograms and robotics. It earned an astounding 58 billion global impressions, and was ranked No. 1 in share of voice among other event sponsors including People magazine and CoverGirl, who ranked second and third, respectively. Consider the chord struck.

The partnership with The Recording Academy and its Next Generation of Grammy Moments program followed Intel’s global rebranding initiative “Experience Amazing,” a quest to gain relevancy among younger audiences and to demonstrate how the brand delivers technology across a wide range of industries, like sports, health and wellness, fashion, entertainment, invention, and yes, music.

To generate buzz for the performance, Intel helped create visual assets like behind-the-scenes videos and “in the moment” content and artistic stills used for outreach among national business, entertainment, lifestyle and broadcast press, as well as to secure exclusive pre-show interviews with brand executives.

Next, the brand live-wired Lady Gaga’s creative genius with specialized hardware powered by Intel processors. Among the high-tech features of the performance: Digital skin, where Intel processors tracked Gaga’s facial movements while “digital makeup” displayed onto her instantaneously via a projector, allowing her to transform into several iconic looks in real-time. Interactive video gave Lady Gaga the power to control how she appeared on a large LED wall. Her Intel Curie ring generated real-time effects as she rotated and animated her wrists and arms, while Intel Xeon processor-based media servers generated the live content. Gaga’s rose gold piano took on a life of its own as three Intel Atom processor-powered robotic arms added unexpected motion effects to a traditionally staid instrument. Then, a combination of the Intel Curie wearable ring and holographic display materials allowed Gaga to generate a three-dimensional hologram of Bowie—capping the performance.

Ultimately, the collaboration underscored three key trends Intel identified as shaping the future: the smart and connected world, technologies gaining human-like senses and computing becoming ultra-personal. Through the integrations, Intel positioned itself in front of its target audience of millennials and next-gen technology buyers as an innovator of passion points relevant to them. On top of all of the media love and impressions, the brand hashtag #IntelinMusic was ranked among the Top 20 most used hashtags on the night of the event. Just dance.

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