Amway Reimagines the Visitor Journey with RFID Triggers - Event Marketer

Amway Reimagines the Visitor Journey with RFID Triggers – Event Marketer

Amway Reimagines the Visitor Journey with RFID Triggers

Brand: AMWAY
Year: 2014

Amway’s Center for Optimal Health (COH) is a 33,000-square-foot space dedicated to teaching and training 20,000 visitors and Amway Business Owners each year. To give its Nutrilite brand a boost, the company commissioned a reimagination of the visitor journey. The result: a series of seamlessly connected environments that mix the vibrant colors and materials of nature with the crisp, clean lines of a science lab to create a consistent narrative for the brand.

The redesigned experience starts outside the main entry where visitors walk along a concrete path inlaid with Amway’s four fundamentals (Freedom, Family, Hope, Reward) in metal letters. Just before they enter the building, guests are introduced to their first shareable photo opp: the first truck from Nutrilite’s original farm filled with bins of fresh produce.

As visitors move inside they receive an RFID badge that triggers personalized digital displays at several of 20 different technology touch points throughout the tour. At a rooftop “greenhouse” guests learn about sustainable farming practices and enjoy the scents and tastes of various herbs.

Inside the R&D building guests have the opportunity to watch research in action as scientists work on perfecting their methods. A favorite interactive moment is the tablet press that enables guests to use the assortment of phytonutrients (a core component of the brand’s products) to create their own supplement; behind it, a wall of colorful beakers representing the phytonutrients. In the next space, visitors get a look behind the scenes at the quality and testing process.

The last stop of the journey offers interactive kiosks to reinforce the brand’s core principles. Visitors have an opportunity to record their own videos and let their voices be heard, and guests can also share their dreams on the Leave Your Mark wall.

Throughout all of the spaces found items that map back to Nutrilite’s heritage are repurposed as art. One stairwell features a two-story installation made of farm irrigation equipment. Another uses plow disc blades. And all visitors are free to grab a tasty farm-fresh fruit or vegetable right off the company’s first truck on their way in or out of the museum.

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