Women in Event Marketing Discuss Challenges in the Industry

Women in Events Talk Industry Challenges – Event Marketer
Women in Event Marketing

Women in Events Talk Industry Challenges

We speak to female marketing executives at major companies throughout the year about the campaigns they create to connect with b-to-c and b-to-b audiences. In our annual Women in Events special report out in August, however, we’re focusing once again on the women themselves—those hard-working, passionate marketers who bring events to life while balancing home life and career demands.

Through profiles and at bicoastal roundtables, we’ve covered topics ranging from work/life balance to professional achievements to what it takes to be a leader. Here, we present a preview of their pearls of wisdom when it comes to challenges women in event marketing face. We’re not going to reveal their names just yet, but stay tuned for more in the coming weeks.

Responses to the question, “What is the biggest challenge facing women in business today,” really got us thinking. A few of their insights:

“I think that question itself is the challenge, because we don’t get asked ‘What is the biggest challenge that men face in business.’ We’re all in business; it’s not men vs. women. We’re not handicapped. We are business leaders. What a shame that we’re not given that same level of credibility or respect, or we’re not seen as business leaders.”

“Even though I think it is changing, I still think that women face a glass ceiling. They still are not at parity with promotions of their male counterparts. Salary is still an issue in this country, overall. I do think it is beginning to change, but it is still our biggest challenge.”

“One of the biggest challenges is that there are not more companies that value female leadership.”

“Our biggest challenge is knowing our worth and demanding and asking for what we know our value is, and not doubting what we bring to the table.”


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