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Women for Women: The Sum Will Always be Greater Than the Parts

There’s no shortage of inspirational women at the top of their game at Sparks.

Of our 500-plus employees, 46 percent are women. And of those women, 22 percent are managers and 15 percent hold positions of vp or higher. Although we acknowledge that there is still room for growth, we feel good about where we are— and where we’re going.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve watched our growing wave of incredible women come in, shake things up and redefine our workplace. Instead of letting others decide their paths and how they should define success, they’ve claimed their seats at the table. I’ve been fortunate enough to share in our company’s encouragement and mentorship practices. I’ve had nurturers stand beside me and help me up when I was down. And I’ve had coaches give me that much-needed push to get out of my comfort zone and remind me to take ownership of my own career. The most successful of these women were the ones that, regardless of style, were willing to help others.

The Sparks Team:

  • Kristy Elisno, svp
  • Robin Lickliter, chief experience officer
  • Judy Lentz, vp-strategic accounts
  • Sohini Mitra, senior account director
  • Meggan Bechtol, executive producer
  • Kelley Sauer, account director


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