Words of Wisdom from Adobe MAX Keynoters – Event Marketer

Words of Wisdom from Adobe MAX Keynoters – Event Marketer
AdobeMAX 2016 keynote_Zac Posen

Words of Wisdom from Adobe MAX Keynoters

Professional Tips, Thought-Provoking Creative Strategies and Other Essential Takeaways From the Keynoters Speaking at Adobe MAX


The Thursday morning keynote at Adobe MAX, which took place Nov. 2-4 in San Diego, featured a quartet of speakers who addressed the themes of inspiration, creativity and community, concepts that threaded throughout the conference. Designer Zac Posen, filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, photographer Lynsey Addario and artist Janet Echelman shared their stories of triumph and inspiration to a packed keynote hall.

Adobe evp and cmo Ann Lewnes kicked off the two-hour session by reminding the audience that technology is just “an enabler” in the creative process. “You are what Adobe is all about. You drive us to do more and to do better. Today is about celebrating you, the ultimate creative community, the most talented people on earth,” she said.

To continue the hyperbole, the session was, in a word, spectacular. And memorable. Here’s a run-down of some of the key thoughts and insights to come out of the session that creative minds in any industry, especially event marketing, will find inspiring:


Quentin Tarantino

• I didn’t go to film school. I wrote scripts while working in a video store.

• Everything starts with my being a writer… me and a pen sitting at a table with a blank piece of paper, and two years later, I have a film.

• I trust myself as a writer. I trust my process. I know when something needs to sit in the incubator and never try to take it out too soon. I know when it is time. Then I add a few building blocks to make it more solid.

• When I start coming up with an idea, I go to my records, look for the beat and the sound of the movie. It could be all kinds of things. Once I can imagine a groovy opening sequence, I go further. Even as I am writing, I will put some of that music back on for a pick-me-up.

• Is it okay for people to watch “Reservoir Dogs” on their phone? It’s not the worst thing on Planet Earth, but I can’t imagine it. I can’t imagine holding your screen in your hand for two-and-a-half hours.

• Success will be if 80 years from now, people are watching one of my films in a filled theater and they enjoy it. That would be really awesome.


Zac Posen

• I use “mood boards” and music to get my creative juices flowing. I lock the door, keep ‘corporate’ out, and let the fabric inform me.

• I’ve learned how to be a leader, to trust, to collaborate. There is a little bit of a letting go, but that’s been a really long learning experience.

• Be okay with putting your artwork out there. Know what you stand for as a creator. It is essential to blur the boundaries today. I don’t know where my career will lead.

• Fashion as an industry is evolving. I call it fashion-tainment. Large fashion companies will become media companies in the future.


Lynsey Addario

• The power of photography is to document what has happened.

• What can a pregnant photojournalist cover? Everything!

• How dare you send me to war if you don’t have the guts to publish my pictures!


Janet Echelman

• The world is my canvas—bold, beautiful and big.

• Art is the only thing I want to do, but I was rejected by seven art schools, so I figured it out my way.

• The act of doing leads to innovation and advance.

• Every project is a terror for me. I never know how I am going to get there, so I start with research.

• My art is a team sport. None of this would be possible without my colleagues.


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