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The Wii U Unveil Takes Form

The first public unveiling of Nintendo’s newest gaming system, Wii U, was the biggest story to come out of E3 this year, and the exhibit environment lived up to the hype.

The two-story booth’s clean white fabric exterior was kept under tight wraps until the doors opened, and was illuminated with color changing LEDs once the show was underway.

Inside, the footprint was filled with gaming demo stations where attendees could check out the latest game titles and systems. The Wii U stations were set up along the two side walls (and the huge line of people waiting to check it out first hand wrapped around the exterior of the footprint). Each wall featured a line of 10 Wii U gaming stations, each manned with a brand ambassador to walk them through the new system.

The center of the footprint featured 11 double-sided original Wii gaming stations. Ten of these stations were dedicated to the new “Legend of Zelda” title for Wii (located underneath sculptural elements of the game’s hero riding a gigantic bird), while the others showcased a variety of new titles.

The back of the footprint featured an elevated deck zone dedicated to the 3DS handheld gaming system, with dozens of demo kiosks showcasing new titles for attendees to check out.

The A/V and lighting presentations inside the exhibit helped complete the atmosphere. Long bands of high-resolution LED panels were mounted over the Wii U gaming stations along both walls, running graphics and clips highlighting the new system and game titles. The gigantic main display screen located above the 3DS deck was HD projection driven, and tied in graphics and game footage. Lighting throughout the space was constantly changing, and altered the look and feel of the entire environment thanks to the all-white fabric architecture.

Private meeting rooms were located out of sight behind the back wall, and VIP gaming stations were located on a second deck toward the front of the footprint, giving those guests a bird’s eye view of the entire footprint. (Agency: 3D Exhibits, Chicago.)

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