Where Are They Now: Chuck Yort - Event Marketer

Where Are They Now: Chuck Yort

March 2007


Back then: Chuck Yort vp/general manager was connecting with Plantronics’ channel partners via the Sound Coach the company’s first mobile marketing vehicle which was about to stage 165 event days by the end of this year. The 44-foot Cargo Mate trailer outfitted with six computer workstations and all the necessary peripherals was designed to raise awareness of the brand and reach the people selling its headsets.

Now: To date Sound Coach has proven mucho successful and Plantronics is considering adding a second as Yort explains:

What’s up at Plantronics?
The Sound Coach has been very positively received exceeding our expectations from both our own sales team and with the intended audience of the resellers. Since we launched it we have had thousands of resellers attend our training. It is building momentum—we have added another segment where we bring in key decision makers. The resellers in the morning and in the afternoon their direct customers come in so we get a one-two punch in terms of the experience. And we are adding another element to it for the gatekeepers—whether they’re in IT purchasing human resources—who drive the top-down decision and brand preference decisions. So we are able to add this third leg to the stool that even brings more value to our investment in mobile marketing.

What’s your biggest challenge?
This year we went through a five-year planning process. There are some very exciting opportunities and changes in our industry that we think are very positive in terms of growth. The biggest challenge for us is to decide which of those opportunities to focus on. The good news is there are a lot of opportunities; the challenge is there is probably more than we can handle right now. So it is a matter of focus and execution on those.

What are you most proud of?
Having the opportunity to put things on hold for a little bit and do the five-year planning and look out ahead. It’s hard when you’re running the business and there is so much going on near-term so many challenges and opportunities so the ability to get the team to step back and take a longer view was a healthy exercise for our organization. Sound Coach is a large program but it is part of a bigger purpose.


Photo Credit: unsplash.com/@karlavidal

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