How Oracle Maximizes the Reach of Oracle OpenWorld

Three Ways Oracle Maximizes the Reach of OpenWorld – Event Marketer
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Three Ways Oracle Maximizes the Reach of OpenWorld

Oracle OpenWorld is more than just a mammoth technology conference that takes place over five days each October in San Francisco. According to Steve D’Alencon, senior director, global advertising at Oracle, it is a “waypoint” on a 365 day a year continuum of interactions with Oracle’s customers, prospects and partners. Furthermore, only a small percentage of those thousands of people will actually attend the event in person. To reach them all, D’Alencon’s team has developed a plan to maximize its reach.

The strategy has been in place for more than a year, with tweaks and improvements along the way, and has proven especially effective among younger audiences who, as D’Alencon puts it, expect more of a conversation as opposed to a one-off, isolated event. Here’s a look:

1. Multi-Platform Content

The team shoots live video from the conference keynotes, then cuts that down to short- and long-form assets that it can utilize, along with white papers, infographics and case studies that are relevant to the audience. The content is delivered through tier 1 digital channels such as the Wall Street Journal and CNBC, social platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, along with website takeovers. “We’ll do it on as many device platforms as there are,” D’Alencon says. “It is all available on your phone, your tablet, your computer, a landing page, the Twitter feed.”

The content is consumable in real time during the event and on demand afterwards so it can be consumed digitally from any platform and on any device.

2. Pre-Event Communication

Traditional and non-traditional advertising and marketing begins on social media and on targeted websites about 90 days before Oracle OpenWorld opens its doors. “We try to get people to register to attend or to connect to the landing page with the content, or other content that is available, in order to gain their interest or at least begin a conversation, so that even if they can’t make it, at least they can begin to connect with what we are talking about,” D’Alencon says.

3. Blogs

Subject matter experts in Oracle’s product groups blog throughout the year. “Topics that are relevant in October are different from what is relevant in June,” D’Alencon says. “So we provide [via] the sub-sites and landing page ways to connect customers, prospects, partners and others who are interested in Oracle products and solutions with available resources.”

The overarching objective, D’Alencon says, it to have a conversation as opposed to a discreet event that starts today and is over tomorrow. “The goal is to have as broad a conversation with as many relevant parties as possible. It’s not all about the event, but the event is a great genesis of good content that could continue to be stirred into the pot.”


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