Scion to Unveil New Exhibit at LA Auto Show - Event Marketer

Scion to Unveil New Exhibit at LA Auto Show – Event Marketer

Scion to Unveil New Exhibit at LA Auto Show

Scion, the division of Toyota best known for its custom vehicles and art cars, has revamped its auto show booth and will unveil the hyper-connected event space at the LA Auto Show next week.

The redesign is focused on technology and interactive experiences to mirror the brand’s vehicles. The stages are loaded with touchscreens and dynamic video walls to allow visitors and members of the press to review vehicle information and exclusive content. A key interactive feature of the new space is the Scion Surface Experience (sX). Attendees are challenged to collect eight unique, dual-sided trading cards in the exhibit space, each of which unlocks images, videos and custom brand content when placed on the screen of the Surface. In addition to the digital product content, each card reveals new works from Scion-sponsored artists around the world and enables the guest to mix some tunes right on the surface, dj-style, by spinning the card like hot vinyl.

“Scion is all about leveraging technology and leading with whatever technology we can get our hands on,” Steve Hatanaka, auto show and events manager at Scion, told Buzz. “The fact that our consumers can jump up on the stage, drop a card on the Surface and learn everything about our brand in one clean interface is super amazing for us.” Agencies: George P. Johnson, Auburn Hills, MI; Technology: JUXT Interactive, Newport Beach, CA.

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