SoBe Heads to Campus with Study Break Tour - Event Marketer

SoBe Heads to Campus with Study Break Tour – Event Marketer

SoBe Heads to Campus with Study Break Tour

In an effort to deepen its connections with college students, SoBe on December 2 rolled out a two-week sampling program to 42 campuses via three separate tours that hit the Midwest, West and southeastern U.S. The SoBe Study Break Tour, which was housed in three converted food trucks, brought sampling events and challenges, both officially and in a guerrilla fashion, to students outside of rec centers, libraries and collegiate games during finals week.
Social media elements integrated into the tour included a live tour feed on Twitter in which students earned free SoBe for retweets, Twitpics and Twitvids. SoBe also used Twitter to let the students know when the tour would hit their campus and to issue What Would You Do for a SoBe challenges that had the students singing love songs to strangers, balancing a SoBe on their heads and other such antics. Once verified, the completed challenges earned the students entries into a prize pack giveaway on each campus. Students who liked the SoBe Facebook page on-site via iPad or checked into Facebook locations using their smartphones received free t-shirts. Using Instagram, a smartphone photo app, students could upload and share their study break photos for additional chances at the SoBe prize packages.
Over the two-week program, SoBe garnered more than 2,000 Facebook likes and distributed more than 76,000 bottles of its beverage.
“The goal of the program was to build awareness of SoBe’s diverse portfolio through sampling and social media buzz,” Rebecca Granne, senior director at SoBe, told Buzz. “We wanted to give students a break from the craziness of finals and drive trial of our products. Sampling is the best way to make sure someone tastes your product and was a great way to kick off our new campaign, Flavors with Benefits.” Agency: Motive, Denver.



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