EMS 2012: Nightlife With A Twist - Event Marketer

EMS 2012: Nightlife With A Twist – Event Marketer

EMS 2012: Nightlife With A Twist

Michelle Klein, vp-content, digital and communications at Diageo, whose Smirnoff brand received an Ex Award at the 10th annual Event Marketing Summit’s awards gala on April 30 for its Nightlife Exchange Project, wowed the crowd earlier in the day as the opening keynote speaker at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers in Chicago (sponsored by Fish Technologies).
Describing the Nightlife Exchange Project as the “sweetspot” between digital and physical, Klein explained how she harnessed the online community to create an event that on Nov. 27 took place in 50 countries.

“Social is social,” Klein told attendees at the event. “Marketers sometimes get confused on this. It requires photos or physical check-in. It is easy to ‘like’ a brand on Facebook, but to get people to come together to do something on behalf of a brand is harder.”
And that’s exactly what the Nightlife Exchange Project achieved as it generated 33,000 ideas from fans on Facebook on how to party. The program was such a hit that Madonna signed on as its global ambassador of dance.

“When a fan is fully immersed, they are part of an experience and are rewarded for their participation,” Klein said. “It’s a two-way street. That is the sweetspot.” The next step is to take that physical event and amplify it. “That’s the trick,” she added.

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