Signage that Cuts Through the Clutter – Event Marketer

Signage that Cuts Through the Clutter – Event Marketer

Signage that Cuts Through the Clutter

How to use signage to cut through the clutter

Today’s marketers compete with so many distractions that it takes a little something special to get eyes on your brand. Luckily there are options galore for pumping up the impact of your event signage. Digital signage is big colorful interactive and—believe it or not cheap. And if you’re looking to jack up the wow factor vinyl wraps can turn anything from a bus to a building to a bridge into a branded structure all yours. Tips for making the most of signage to get the message out:

Go Digital. The draw of a video or flash display outpaces a static message. “People have a tendency to focus on movement ” says John Schroeder senior vp-operations at agency Campbell-Ewald in Detroit. So even the simplest LED or plasma screen playing video will lead to an increase in impressions.

On Qwest Communications’ recent mobile marketing tour the company added three 42-inch plasmas to its 20-foot-by-30-foot tent to help promote its Internet safety campaign. It ran a PSA on Internet safety delivered by hockey legend Wayne Gretzky on a loop along with local messages depending on location (Agency: Aspen Marketing Services Lake Orion MI).

“Digital signage is a key component to our events ” says Rich Karlis director-sponsorships and events at Qwest. “It’s very cost effective because we can make changes and upload them overnight without having to incur shipping costs and hope things get there and are put up properly. That means we can easily include localized messaging that makes us more relevant to a particular event.” An example: When the Quest team visited Cinco de Mayo celebrations in Denver Phoenix and Portland OR they added Spanish-language messages to the loop running on the plasmas.

Go Interactive. Sophisticated digital signage is on the horizon as new technology creeps into U.S. markets.

New Zealand-based company Eyemagnet offers digital signage that allows customers to choose the information they want to see. For instance customers shopping for mobile phones can use their own phones to send messages to a display causing the content to change from a static brand message to a specific product demonstration.

Think Big. During this year’s MLB All-Star week Chevrolet came at its signage strategy from all directions. A giant branded baseball glove in left field at AT&T Park in San Francisco was punctuated with three monstrous Chevy branded baseballs that floated down McCovey Cove during the game (Agency: Campbell-Ewald Detroit).

This summer during Detroit’s Woodward Dream Cruise the company opted for an 80-foot-by-30-foot banner on the 555 building near its tent that could be viewed by the million visitors traveling to Detroit for the world’s largest one-day celebration of car culture (Agency: Campbell-Ewald Detroit).

“Woodward is all about cars and cruising and no one does it better or has the heritage that Chevy has in this area ” says Phil Caruso national promotions manager at Chevrolet. “Our billboards tell the story of how Chevy is the prominent player in this historical event.”

Wrap It Up. Wraps applied with a perforated vinyl that works like an adhesive on any glass or metal surface can be used on a small or large scale but bigger projects are usually associated with longer-term events—especially when using perforated vinyl that can take a chunk out of budgets.

To promote “The Sopranos” season premiere last year HBO wrapped the No. 07 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS with the show’s logo at the UAW/Daimler Chrysler 400 in Las Vegas. “The Sopranos” was the primary sponsor of the race that was held the same day as the show’s premiere (Agency: Grand Central Marketing New York City).

Leading up to the race HBO organized an unveiling of the wrapped car with driver Clint Bowyer and the Sopranos cast members. Plus limited-edition die-cast models of the car were sold at the race and given out to contest winners through a promotion with ESPN radio in Vegas.

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