Photo Gallery: Arts and Automotive Collide at Cadillac House

Arts and Automotive Collide at Cadillac House

Photo Gallery: Arts and Auto Collide at Cadillac House

Being a successful brand these days often requires venturing out of the comfort zone and delving into new territory. With that in mind, Cadillac is taking the opportunity to showcase its perspective on subjects outside the automotive industry via the recently established Cadillac House. Sleek, sophisticated and appropriately high-brow, the public meeting space, located on the ground floor of the brand’s Manhattan headquarters, simultaneously functions as a gallery, retail space, café and exhibition area.

“Dedicated to what’s new and next in the arts, culture, fashion and culinary world,” the 12,000-square-foot permanent site will serve as a location for special events, vehicle exhibitions and partnerships. Current collaborations include an alliance with Council of Fashion Designers of America, which maintains an on-site retail space dedicated to innovative design and highlights up and coming designers, and a partnership with Visionaire, an art and culture magazine that curates immersive experiential works into the space’s exhibition area.

We recently took a spin through Cadillac House to size things up and yes, grab some first-rate coffee from the on-site café, hosted by local roaster JOE Coffee. Follow along as we take a photo tour of this upscale community hub.


Take a Tour of Cadillac House:


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