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Intel’s Experience Stores Get Personal – Event Marketer

Intel’s Experience Stores Get Personal

Intel’s three holiday pop-up stores were as much about the community as they were about giving consumers a chance to try out its technology. Here’s a quick look at four ways Intel’s Experience Stores shook up the pop-up paradigm.

1. Neighborhood. While most pop-ups are situated in busy urban areas with high foot traffic, Intel activated the stores in the smaller neighborhoods of Nolita in New York City, Chicago’s Lincoln Park and Venice, CA. By skipping Times Square or The Magnificent Mile, the pop-ups blended into the surrounding community. Residents passed them on their way to and from work and could stop in for a cup of coffee or to catch up on the news. The shops offered evening and weekend activities as well.

2. Community. Intel worked with local restaurants and businesses that brought in coffee and snacks or offered yoga instruction or other programs. People could listen to a band on Saturday night, watch Monday night football or do activities with their kids as well as get educated about Intel products.

3. Access. Intel created a high-touch, untethered, unpressured environment where consumers could get up close and personal with its laptops, tablets and PCs. People were free to pick them up, walk around the store with them and even take one home as part of a loaner program.

4. Design. The pop-ups changed their look and feel three times daily, beginning as a community hub each morning, transforming into a techy showcase in the afternoons and then becoming entertainment hot spots in the evenings.

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