Jamba Juice Takes Sampling into the Workplace - Event Marketer

Jamba Juice Takes Sampling into the Workplace – Event Marketer
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Jamba Juice Takes Sampling into the Workplace

Sampling traditionally takes place at fairs and festivals, train stations and busy street corners. But 13 Jamba Juice stores in Texas, in a bid to educate working consumers about its smoothies and its nearby store locations, from August through October took the sampling event to venues frequently considered off-limits when it comes to marketing—the workplace.

“Sometimes people don’t live in the area where they work, and aren’t aware of Jamba Juice being in the area. This helped us broaden our customer base,” says Brian Pack, sales and operations regional manager at Jamba Juice. The company had previously executed surprise and delight sampling programs on its own. However, through a three-month partnership with WorkPlace Impact, a marketing company that focuses on reaching consumers at work, Jamba Juice broadened the program to a larger scale.

Jamba Juice general managers and employees visited employees at a variety of businesses, including car dealerships, real estate offices, YMCAs and more with 9-ounce smoothie samples. As employees gathered in conference rooms and break areas, they discussed nutritional information about the product, the store location as well as its catering and fundraising programs. They also distributed dollar-off and buy-one get-one free coupons.

“Those who knew about Jamba Juice were excited to have us there, and we had a chance to educate those who didn’t regarding our products and where we are located,” Pack says. Agency: WorkPlace Impact, Cleveland.

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