Inside Monroe’s Social Strategy On The Road – Event Marketer

Inside Monroe’s Social Strategy On The Road – Event Marketer

Inside Monroe’s Social Strategy On The Road

When you take a 25-foot-long, 10-foot-high shock absorber on the road, you’re guaranteed to draw some attention. It makes sense then to build a strong social media strategy to support it. For Illinois-based Tenneco, Inc., maker of Monroe brand vehicle shocks and struts, social media is not only driving its new Shockmobile tour and “Everything Gets Old. Even Your Shocks” campaign, it’s key to keeping customers engaged with the brand 24/7.

The custom-built, translucent and LED-illuminated Monroe OESpectrum shock absorber is visiting more than 50 North American cities this summer and fall to promote the importance of inspecting shocks and struts at 50,000 miles. The summer leg of the tour kicked off July 15 in Columbus, OH, and wraps Aug. 3 in Detroit, MI. Consumers can track the tour on Monroe’s Facebook and Twitter feeds, as well as at

Here, three tips from Denise Hanefeld, marketing coordinator for the North American aftermarket division at Tenneco, on using social media on and off the road:

Entice Them with Contests.

On the Shockmobile tour, Monroe is encouraging consumers to post content. Each week the brand is selecting three winners to receive a Monroe prize package from all the social posts tagged with @MonroeShocks and hashtags #EverythingGetsOld and #InspectAt50K.

“Whether it’s somebody taking a selfie or spotting our vehicle on the road, we’re building awareness and engaging more of our followers to get involved on our social pages and get excited about the Monroe brand,” Hanefeld says.

Give Away Some Expertise.

Monroe shares videos on social platforms including its YouTube channel, featuring topics from Knowing The Symptoms of Worn Shocks to How To Do An install (on a particular vehicle that might be difficult). The content supports DIY consumers in addition to Monroe’s professional customer-base, educating consumers on using the products properly and helping reduce comebacks to businesses.

“We’re always looking to build our following, but also, we want to make sure that the followers we do have, we provide them with education, good content and information, whether it be tips, how-to’s on installing a shock or what a shock absorber does, so they can feel more confident in the purchases they make and in maintaining their vehicle,” Hanefeld says.

Turn One-Way Communication into Two-Way Conversations.

The brand is giving its brand ambassador-drivers behind the tour a strong voice on social media, introducing them through personal profiles and posts. Engaging followers conversationally allows consumers to feel there’s a helpful voice behind the Monroe brand 

“One of the things we have found that has helped throughout the year is asking questions and engaging our followers, not always just throwing content up with a couple of posts a day,” she says. “We want to make sure our followers are getting something out of it, so we ask them what they’re having difficulty with, we reach out to see how they’re using their vehicle.”

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