Inside the LG Exhibit at CTIA 2010 - Event Marketer

Inside the LG Exhibit at CTIA 2010 – Event Marketer

Inside the LG Exhibit at CTIA 2010

At this year’s International CTIA Wireless 2010 trade show, held March 23-25 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, LG created an intuitive and focused experience in its 4,800 square-foot-space. Driven by the concept of simplicity in a complicated life, the overall design sought to unite the product offerings in an organic way while at the same time delivering messaging targeted at specific personalities. Productivity, entertainment and style were some of the core concepts.

As attendees entered the exhibit hall, they were drawn to the open-space theater featuring sequences from the “Iron Man 2” movie trailer and a short brand presentation. Then they could follow the exhibit flow, accentuated by the red and white canapé tinted with intelligent lighting, to the product displays. Here, in “Hero” pods, products were interlaced with paper-sheet-sized touch screens that featured brand content and information on product features and accessories.

Further into the core of the exhibit, it was all about meaningful custom interactives that were fun and effective in driving the brand messaging. Attendees got to feel how dangerous it is to text and drive, show off their skills shooting hoops on a giant screen with the help of a few keys on an LG phone and learn about the LG recycling program through a touch-screen interactive, which at the end of the game took their photo and placed it on the digital wall.

The vibe changed and the volume got higher as a dj spun records in the music-themed part of the space. Here, attendees could also try their hand at mixing music at abstract turntables made from touch screens embedded in steel counters. The interactive was designed to present the brand’s music capabilities in a unique way.

Even though part of a large footprint, each area of the exhibit felt intimate in part thanks to soft lighting and slight differences in floor elevations. At an event that can quickly get overwhelming, LG managed to create an impressive brand presence and an artistic space that was hard to leave. Agency: Sparks, Philadelphia.

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