Five Tips For Connecting With Hispanic Consumers - Event Marketer

Five Tips For Connecting With Hispanic Consumers - Event Marketer
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Five Tips For Connecting With Hispanic Consumers

nestle_hispanics_2013The November/December issue of Event Marketer offers an in-depth look at marketing to Hispanics. Here, we bring you some top-level advice from industry insiders on how to connect with this important demographic.

1. Tap into Hispanic passion points—whether that be soccer, music or food. Jose Torrens, brand manager, multicultural marketing at Coca-Cola, says, “All of our programs look to reach Hispanics through topics that matter most to them, for example, education/scholarship initiatives with our partners the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, or our on-going efforts to get people moving and enjoying being active again.”

2. Leverage tradition. Dia de los Muertos provides Nestlé, with its Abuelita and Nescafe de Olla brands, an opportunity to interact with consumers and share in the tradition of Day of the Dead celebrations. “We reach consumers during a special moment with traditions that are intrinsic to the brand because they have always been a part of it,” says Janet Uribe, marketing manager at the International Brands division of Nestlé. “Now that we are seeing more of these celebrations in the U.S., we want to be a part of it.

3. Go grassroots. One-to-one marketing is very important to the Hispanic demographic. “You just can’t reach this audience through media, tv commercials and advertising,” says Olivia Vela, director, brand marketing, Hispanic, at 7Up. “You have to be able to bring it down to the community and to a personal level, so that you are building that relationship with this consumer. Relationships are so important to this audience that it is important to go to market in that way.”

4. Understand this consumer. Take a cue from Brisk Tea, which invests a lot of time and effort into understanding the Hispanic consumer. “We try to understand what makes them tick and how they interact with society and the things they gravitate toward,” says Eric Whitehouse, marketing director at Brisk. “We build from that understanding a strong point of view and the right guardrails to figure out how to engage. You need to have a point of view, but you can’t be too corporate, and you can’t market too much. You need to have the right voice that will reach this consumer.”

5. Be authentic and relevant. The Brisk Bodega is an activation that is true to the community and the Brisk brand by understanding and bringing to life the bodega—a hub of the Hispanic community and a place where the product is sold. “The idea was to capture the essence of the bodega in a digital and grassroots platform,” says Whitehouse. “Otherwise, these consumers will sniff you out. They will say that you’re not really being authentic to the brand, or relevant to them.”

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