Industry Spending and Changes: 2012 EventTrack Study - Event Marketer

Industry Spending and Changes: 2012 EventTrack Study – Event Marketer

Industry Spending and Changes: 2012 EventTrack Study

The Event Marketing Institute ( and leading experiential marketing agency Mosaic ( have unveiled the most comprehensive annual study of event marketing spending and activities ever fielded. The groundbreaking study found that event and experiential marketing spending by companies is growing much faster than the overall economy. The EventTrack 2012 study found that in a slowly rebounding economy, brands are expecting their event and experiential marketing budgets to grow by nearly eight percent (7.8%) in 2012, more than double last year’s rate of (3.6%).The study features three in-depth sections:Brand Survey
– Marketer Goals and Strategies
– Importance of Events and Senior Management View
– Budget Growth Rates
– ROI & Measurement Trends
– Integration w/Other Media/Marketing and Social Media
– Working with Agencies and Service Providers
– In-Store Events and Experiential Marketing
– Key Industry Challenges

Consumer Survey
– Types of Events/Experiences and Motivation to Participate
– Impact on Perception
– Impact on Purchasing
– How Consumers Communicate their Experiences
– Use of Technology and Social Media
– Conclusions

Agency Survey
– Clients’ Event/Experiential Marketing Goals and Strategies
– How Clients’ View and Use of Events has Changed in Past 2 Years
– Most Promising Strategies, Approaches and Types of Events and Experiences
– Levels of Engagement: Quality vs. Quantity
– Mix of Agency Services
– Agency Growth Rates
– Integration with Other Media & Marketing
– How Agencies are Using Social Media in Relation to Clients’ Events/Experiences
– ROI & Measurement
– Services Important to Event Marketers, including Selection Criteria
– In-Store Events & Experiential Marketing
– Key Industry Challenges

Please click below to request to download a complimentary copy of the executive summary, which provides highlights from the three sections. The full 115-page report is available to Event Marketing Institute members and for purchase. The full report features the following sections. Contact Kevin Rich at the Event Marketing Institute membership information and/or full report purchases.

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