Great Places to Work in Experiential 2023: Taylor

_Taylor_logo-GRAY-update-JULY-18-2022 copyCOMPANY CULTURE: Taylor understands that creating employee engagement starts with a strong set of values that permeates throughout its culture.  We believe, at the center of this, is the customer and the employee – the ability to consistently deliver award-winning solutions to our clients is solely dependent on the team who is behind the solution. 

Strategically, our focus is to invest not only in equipment and technology, but also in our people. Taylor is proud to provide a career rather than a job, and this separates us from many others.  Our personnel have a broad set of skills and experiences, thanks to cross-functional development and careers paths that promote learning across multiple disciplines.  The Taylor Team understands if you stand still then we are missing out on an opportunity. 

Unique to our culture, is the celebration of attainments, special occasions, and cultural events.  Investing in networking and recognition is part of the engine that creates an environment of belonging and fun.  Taylor knows our people have a strong sense of community and this is reflected in their generosity when it comes to giving back to the communities.

WHAT’S YOUR COMPETITIVE EDGE? Taylor’s edge is the team that stands behind the experiences we deliver.   The team’s in-depth skills and willingness to teach and learn results in a highly motivated, infectious culture.  Who does not want to be part of this?  The reward of learning, growing, and expanding one’s career is a game changer today.

Our mission is to create engaging environments and experiences that continue to raise the bar on creativity and innovation. 

FLEXIBLE POLICIES: Like the changing needs of the market, our employee needs have also varied over time.  Recognizing this has resulted in more “flex” within our policies where “flex” makes sense.   Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, Taylor looks at policies with a lens that reflects the business we are in and the customers we partner with. 

HOW HAVE YOU EVOLVED TO MEET THE CHANGING NEEDS OF EMPLOYEES IN 2023? The result of a Great Place to Work is the exceptional tenure of our highly skilled personnel.  In 2023, Taylor believes this has not changed and we continue to raise the bar in our industry and we strive to keeping it simple with open communication.  Taylor also provides feedback workshops, obtains input from new employees and tenured alike, and target changes with a balanced perspective.   We also offer intern positions within the communities we operate in, across North America

LEADERSHIP: The leadership team is made up of top talent within the industry.  This level of expertise provides a teaching culture and has resulted in a “lead by example” and “no problem is too big to be solved” approach within the organization. Thus the mantra, “Everything is possible”. 

The perk of perks that Taylor offers, that few if any can compete with, is our size and breadth in service, resulting in “career opportunity”.  With the broadest of disciplines, touching on creative to fabrication, there is very little limitation in one’s career, when they join the Taylor Team.


“I come from an interior design background where creativity is paramount in bringing the ideas of our customers to life. Taylor has provided me opportunities to expand on that creativity by merging design, technology, and a little hint of magic to create the ultimate brand experience.”

“The family-like atmosphere in our high paced, creative, time-sensitive business makes Taylor a unique place to work. I love it!”

“I love working at Taylor because the culture here is to be welcoming and supportive. Everyone seems to have an open-door policy… the opinion of every team member is valuable, which is not always the case at other workplaces, so I don’t take it for granted.”


Colleen Pastor, Human Resources
[email protected]

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