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BP Fuels An Olympic Connection

With a mirror-encased shell that creates a look more Buck Rogers than eco-friendly fuel company, BP’s Fueling the Future experience focused on the “many practical, progressive steps” the oil company is taking to help the world become more efficient and eco-friendly.

An LED stripe of video plays above the entrance to the mirrored pavilion. Guests are admitted in groups of 100 into a rotating auditorium featuring a 360-degree projected movie. Visitors sit on curved benches (grey leather tops, uplit green bottoms). A movie is then projected on a video disk mounted on the floor in the middle of the room and onto the walls. Once the flick starts playing, the floor rotates, generating a 360-type interactive. Wind machines and misters add to the effect (when the movie discusses BP’s role in Alaska, for example, the temperature drops by 20 degrees).
The movie, video-hosted by a group of Olympians that BP supports, shows how “BP people around the world, just like the Olympians and Paralympians, are constantly challenging themselves to perform better every day, striving to achieve their own personal bests.”
Elsewhere at Olympic park, BP has a small photoactivation footprint located near by the main stadium. Mirror-clad as well, this time the brand offers up photos of attendees with the stadium in the background. Brand ambassadors use tablets for data-capture (name, email, country), then take a snap and hand consumers a QR card they can use to retrieve the photo (go online or just snap the QR code). When retrieving, consumers can check out information on BP-supported athletes and how they help contribute to reducing the world’s carbon footprint. That’s deep, but that’s fun.Click here for a video tour
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