Ford Opens Pop-Up Dealerships in San Francisco - Event Marketer

Ford Opens Pop-Up Dealerships in San Francisco – Event Marketer

Ford Opens Pop-Up Dealerships in San Francisco

Ford has begun a series of pop-ups in San Francisco, where the brand currently has no formal dealership, to reconnect with consumers and remind them that the brand is on the forefront of technology, sustainability and performance. The first in the series of four Go Further pop-ups was open from April 13 to May 13, and the next opens this month.

Each space will remain open for a month and will during that time take over a storefront in a neighborhood important to a key demographic for the brand. Ford of the West Coast market deploys the stores, and the brand is exploring the possibility of expanding the program to other markets across the U.S., depending on results. Each one has a theme tied to a specific vehicle range. The first was a gallery space with local artists and a showcase dedicated to some of the new Fords. The next will be all about sustainability and will link to the new Escape SU, which is built using more post-consumer recyclable materials than any other vehicle out there right now.  It will have a sustainable kitchen and displays about do-it-yourself alternative energy solutions. The third will focus on active lifestyles and the final pop-up is still a secret. The preliminary results look pretty good for Ford, too. The brand did hyper-local surveying in the neighborhood around the first pop-up and the early results say the exhibit increased brand awareness for Ford by 3.4 percent and familiarity with the brand’s technology more than doubled form 7.3 percent to 19.6 percent. Nice.

“The Go Further pop-ups are designed to make sure people in the market are cognizant of our brand and our newest product offerings,” Travis Calhoun, marketing development manager-Ford West Coast market area, told Buzz. “This is an opportunity to bring the blue oval to a consumer that might not know about us otherwise.” Agency: RMD Group, Bellflower, CA.

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