Eight Fast Facts from the Pinterest Predicts Agency Insights Guide

Pinterest Predicts 2024-AgencyGuide-cover page_woman in pinkHow agencies can use Pinterest’s trend report to help clients stay ahead of the curve

In a world moving at the speed of culture, brands not only have to maintain relevance, they need to stay ahead of the next big thing—a task they often charge their agencies with. It can be a daunting effort, but a new Pinterest Predicts Agency Insights Guide released last month in the U.S., UK and Canada was developed to lighten the load.

The handbook, available as a print and digital magazine, serves as an extension of the annual Pinterest Predicts trend report, with 20-plus pages designed to help agencies leverage the report’s first-party data insights to drive stronger performance on the platform. We analyzed the info and whittled it down to eight key learnings. Here’s the breakdown. (Agency: Studio Wyse, graphic design)

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1. Pinterest trends start earlier and last longer than trends on other platforms.

This gives agencies a longer runway to build connections with their clients’ target demos.


2. Agencies can tap into Pinterest Predicts trends by identifying the ones that align with their clients’ target audience, and finding innovative ways to bring those trends to life.

Pinterest predicts 2024-AgencyGuide-page 12_real campaign examples“Pinpoint the trends that strike a chord with your client’s brand and target audience. It’s about finding the gems that align with the product or service. If a trend doesn’t seem to immediately apply, take a step back and consider brand values and mission,” Stephanie Jacquin, creative strategy lead at Pinterest, stated in the guide.


3. Pinterest offers a range of resources.

Tools like Personas and Pinterest Trends can help agencies spot top monthly, seasonal and growing trends that are tailored to the client’s specific audience.


4. Measurement and optimization are crucial for success on the platform.

Pinterest predicts 2024-AgencyGuide-US_page 3_jelly trendAgencies should align their measurement strategies with their clients’ business and learning objectives. According to the brand’s research, clients that adopted a test-and-learn approach drove 2.2 times more “action intent” among Pinterest users versus organizations that used measurement as a one-and-done approach.

Pro tip: Agencies can leverage the API for Conversions to track and optimize performance on Pinterest. The tool is a tagless server-to-server solution that enables brands to automatically send web, in-app or offline conversions directly to Pinterest in real time or in batch.


5. Get to know how certain trends can be applicable to the client’s brand by leveraging the data.

Doing a deep dive on the keyword searches and the personas behind those trends can help agencies better understand that particular audience, and help their clients identify and reach new ones.

Pro tip: Many of the 2024 Pinterest Predicts trends are cross-category, and can work for a variety of brands, so think big when considering relevance to the client’s target audience.

“It might not be immediately obvious how certain trends can be applicable to your client’s brand, but once you dive into the keywords driving the trends, it can spark a lot of creative, out-of-the-box thinking,” Emily Grim-Throop, creative strategy-U.S. home retail at Pinterest, stated in the guide.


6. Find commonalities between the client’s brand and the trend.

“Imagine a Venn diagram of what the brand’s target audience is passionate about intersecting with the tastes and aesthetics that inform a particular trend,” said Grim-Throop.

Pinterest predicts 2024-AgencyGuide-US_Page_13_Gen Z trendsetters


7. Pinterest users have a planning mindset and are prepared to take action.

This makes them more likely to engage with clients and make purchases when they see something they like. It’s a “search, save, shop” cycle that is happening across age groups.


8. Gen Z is a key audience on the platform.

This means agencies should consider their preferences and interests when developing Pinterest campaigns. Need more proof? Gen Z accounts for 42 percent of Pinterest’s monthly active user base and is its fastest-growing audience.

Three Stats from the Pinterest Predicts Agency Insights Guide:

  • Pinterest trends sustained 20% higher monthly growth compared to trends elsewhere
  • 78% of weekly pinners use Pinterest for decision-making on their shopping journey
  • Gen Z saves nearly 2.5x more pins than other age groups

Photos: Courtesy of Pinterest

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