Fab 50 2020: Recognizing the Industry’s Top Exhibit Builders – Event Marketer

Fab 50 2020: Recognizing the Industry’s Top Exhibit Builders – Event Marketer
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Fab 50 2020: Recognizing the Industry’s Top Exhibit Builders

We spotlight the industry’s top 50 builders in our annual guide

Fab 50 2020 introWant to build an architecturally sound experience that’s as functional as it is beautiful? Better call the 2020 Fab 50. Yep, today’s top fabricators possess skillsets that make them uniquely positioned to build events and experiences that are both expertly live-wired and artfully crafted. And in 2020, another useful quality came to the forefront: adaptability.

In the early days of the pandemic, as the country scrambled to gather the protective personal equipment needed to keep people safe, fabricators turned on a dime to contribute to the cause. With warehouses and workshops full of materials, fabrication companies from A to Z pivoted their businesses to produce face shields, containment kiosks and other forms of PPE for hospitals and other hard-hit industries and sectors like restaurants and schools. Redirecting their resources not only meant staying in business—it meant those organizations were fighting the good fight in a time of grave uncertainty.

Whether they were supporting front-line efforts, or doing what they do best—building show-stopping exhibits and experiences—the companies that comprise this year’s Fab 50 produced programs over the last year that delivered both a measurable impact and a creative punch. Some of our favorite case studies include one from White Walls, which built a custom entry moment at Revolve Festival featuring seven thematic flats and a 20-foot flower tunnel. And from The Taylor Group, which crafted an OLED “wave” for LG at CES using flexible OLED TVs spanning 82 feet across the show floor. And then there was MC2, which underscored knife manufacturer Wüsthof’s engineering chops by building a booth in which every wall was tilted at a 10-degree angle from the floor and pointed in different directions, bringing the brand’s “The Perfect Slice” theme to life. And as these companies prepare for another stretch of social distancing, they’re designing equally show-stopping exhibits for the virtual space, where competition is fierce.

Some call them event architects, we call them bona fide miracle workers. Because they’re not just building exhibits, they’re building a better future for the industry. Congratulations to all of this year’s Fab 50 honorees.

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