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The Event Marketer’s Guide to Launch Events

New white paper explains how to connect with the “big four” attendee types

What works, what doesn’t, trends to embrace, tips and best practices

Launch events are some of the highest-stakes experiences in the marketing mix. You only get one chance to do it right, after all. In this white paper, some of the industry’s top brand communications experts break down the world of launch events into the four most common audience types—journalists, employees, dealers/franchisees and consumers—and then offer deep dives into how to motivate each sector, including:

  • How to create launch events that can entice even the busiest member of the media to show up—and then stick around
  • How to better understand and leverage the motivations of internal audiences to create a compelling event
  • How to raise the bar on dealer and franchisee events through deeper engagement and involvement in the live experience
  • What tools and technologies are making a difference at consumer launch events right now
  • The do’s, don’ts and definitely don’ts of engagement for each audience type
  • Tips, best practices, trends to embrace and clear goals for each sector
  • Plus, real-world case studies that bring the strategies discussed to life

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