Event Design: Walmart Says Social Media, Sustainability Are Paramount

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Event Design: Walmart Talks Social Media, Sustainability

Event Marketer spoke to several of the winners of the 2014 Event Design Awards (check out the complete list of winners here) to pick their brains for some predictions and prognostications for the year ahead. You’ll get the full roundtable in the next issue of the magazine (click here to subscribe—you don’t want to miss it), but here’s a taste of our conversation with Mark Henneberger, vp-shows and events at Walmart. He runs the multi-award winning and gigantic Walmart Shareholder’s Meeting every year. Read on for a few of his thoughts on what to expect for event design in 2015, and check out our full report in the February/March issue.

What is influencing event design right now?

“Social media is becoming an ever bigger influencer on events. It has an intimacy and is becoming a big part of how we think about the design of the space. [We are] patching in “ticker tapes” to display live tweets and adding in Facebook and Instagram feeds as additional elements of the staging.”

Is technology leading design choices, or is it simply another tool in the arsenal?

“Technology influences design, yes, but at the end of the day a well-designed and executed set just works. The technology can lend itself to that, but as a tool to make it work better.”

Have you been noticing any changes or trends in exhibit building materials?

“I think sustainability is top of mind in everything we do at Walmart. We’re constantly looking to reuse from one event to the next and with every aspect of the event, we try to make sure we remember sustainability, efficiency and reusability.”


For more insights from Henneberger, and our other Event Design Award winners, look for the next issue of Event Marketer.

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