DuraZone Tour Offers Family-Friendly Activities - Event Marketer

DuraZone Tour Offers Family-Friendly Activities – Event Marketer

DuraZone Tour Offers Family-Friendly Activities

To generate awareness for the launch of its new weed and grass-killing product DuraZone, Bayer Advanced is visiting home improvement stores and family-friendly events in 10 markets through June 17 with the DuraZone Own Your Zone tour. The tour kicked off April 13 at the Maricopa County Fair in Phoenix, AZ, where it engaged consumers via a series of themed zones within its 40-foot by 40-foot space that tie back to the brand’s message that using DuraZone gives consumers back more of their time to enjoy the zones outside of their house.

“We wanted to make sure these were actually activities that people would do at home,” Patty DiMucci, marketing communications manager at DuraZone, told Buzz. “We’re going up against a very large competitor, so we need to generate awareness because our product has unique features and benefits. And there’s no better way to have those kinds of interactions with consumers than an experiential marketing tour.”

The experience kicks off with an encounter with a brand ambassador and a Bayer Advanced expert who each educate consumers on four varieties of common weeds that are inside a glass case. Consumers receive a $5 rebate and watch an educational video on the product before moving on to the Patio Zone to play a virtual game that allows them to kill weeds using a mock DuraZone sprayer as their gaming wand. At the Lounge Zone there’s a rooftop deck with bench seating, imitation wood flooring and a non-functioning large grill. Consumers can grab barbeque-flavored snacks and an ice-cold beverage from a cooler. The rear of the footprint is wrapped with a garage door graphic and features a mounted basketball hoop so consumers can shoot for prizes. There are beanbag tosses and a giant inflatable DuraZone container for photo ops, as well.

To drive people to its Facebook page, the brand sets up a laptop station where consumers can enter to win a $3,000 patio makeover. Agency: AMP Agency, Boston.

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