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DTS Dials-Up Mobile Theme at CES

DTS returned to the Consumer Electronics Show this year with new experiences designed to make a bold statement about the Los Angeles-based audio technology company’s focus on mobile. The 20-year-old brand, which provides audio tech to more than a billion consumer electronics products worldwide, also increased its investment in pre-show marketing strategies, incorporating “DTS Xperience” messaging on taxicab toppers in the days leading up to and during the show, Jan. 7 to 10 in Las Vegas.

To draw attention to the booth—and immediately highlight the “mobile” message—the brand incorporated a 15-foot by eight-foot stage structure designed to look like a mobile phone, which contained a dj station and performers including beat boxers and dancers. At kiosks throughout the center of the footprint, up to 60 visitors at a time could pick up a pair of headphones and take in the sights and sounds of video feeds from a giant LED screen and the stage performances, as the kiosks’ lighting flickered to the beat of the music.

Four 10-foot-tall, touchscreen-enabled mobile phone monoliths along the perimeter of the booth, featuring 10 apps created for the interface, allowed attendees to pick up headphones and check out DTS offerings, including “Play-Fi,” which allows users to control a sound system with their mobile devices via wireless signals and can send different music to different areas of the house. At a designated Sound Bar, the brand highlighted mobile products that are licensing DTS technology to explain how the brand’s software contributes to the devices’ audio capabilities.

The main attraction within the booth was the DTS Listening Xperience, which occurred behind closed doors in a sound proof theater. This audio-driven augmented reality experience provided attendees with a HeadphoneX demonstration that included projections on the walls which, combined with sound, made it feel as though aliens were in the space with them—a 3D-style surround sound, so to speak. Afterward, attendees registered with their email to receive a digital image of the simulated “alien abduction.”

“It’s tempting for a technology company to try to do many things, to show everything, but then your message gets lost in a place like CES,” Geir Skaadan, vp-products and platforms at DTS, told Buzz. “We had a room at the nearby Renaissance Hotel where we could take customers through our whole product portfolio, but we intentionally kept the message on the floor focused around two key themes, and we increased foot traffic this year by making the whole booth interactive.” Agency: Ignited, Los Angeles.

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