DISH Network Takes Home Show by Storm - Event Marketer

DISH Network Takes Home Show by Storm – Event Marketer

DISH Network Takes Home Show by Storm

At the Ft. Lauderdale Home Show Dec. 3 to 5, DISH Network set out to leverage its all-new 200-square-foot booth to attract new customers and upgrade the services of existing ones. To do that, it unrolled three distinct experiences, each to cater to a specific product line, resulting in a 150-percent increase in leads over the previous year.

The first contact many attendees had with the brand was via roaming brand ambassadors toting iPads loaded with the brand’s new TV Everywhere service. It allows subscribers to catch their shows on the run on a number of mobile and tablet devices. While attendees played with the new software and learned about its features, they waited in line for experience number two: a football throwing contest designed to highlight the Red Zone, a new channel offering by the Network. Finally, consumers who just wanted to relax and enjoy some TV and a break could kick back in the living room area, which had high-top tables and comfy chairs with screens for viewing DISH Network teasers and programming clips.

“This show was an ideal opportunity for us to find long-term customers and show them the benefits of what we offer,” Molly Byrne, marketing manager at DISH Network, told Buzz. “Our hope is they go home and tell friends and family about their experience and turn this into a word-of-mouth opportunity for us, too. We’re looking to do more of these experiences at other events so our customers can get real one-to-one exposure to our brand.” Agency: TEAM Enterprises, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

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