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Comedian Mike Birbiglia Moves into Macy’s Windows

Comedian Mike Birbiglia from Jan. 26 to Feb. 1 will live 24/7 in Macy’s iconic 34th Street store windows as part of a promotion with Procter and Gamble’s Downy fabric softener that spotlights the value of fresh smelling sheets.

Passersby can wave and send text messages to Birbiglia, who suffers from a rare sleep disorder and authored a book entitled “Sleepwalk with Me.” He also will engage with consumers via live chat sessions on Downy’s and Macy’s Facebook pages and his Twitter account, @Birbigs.

The Macy’s-Downy partnership stemmed from a National Sleep Foundation 2010 Bedroom Poll, sponsored by Downy, that found seven out of 10 people claim to sleep more comfortably on sheets with a fresh scent. Birbiglia throughout the week will reveal findings from the study, as well as receive visits from special guests, including his wife, who each night will join him in bed inside the Macy’s window.

As part of the program, consumers who purchase sheets at Macy’s will receive an Ultra Downy April Fresh sample. Breakfasts and live entertainment, including musicians, dream interpreters, scent consultants and monogramming on sheet purchases, also will take place in Macy’s Chicago, Houston, Miami and San Francisco stores.

“Macy’s as a department store has always believed in retail as entertainment,” Amy Kule, group vp-national events and partnership marketing at Macy’s, told Buzz. “This dovetails perfectly into that need and desire that we have. Macy’s has become the place where the unexpected happens. This really is no different than that.”


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