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Clorox Brings Twitter Fountain to SXSW Eco

To raise awareness and additional donations for its Safe Water Project, a public health program that provides public bleach dispensers, health education and safe drinking water to rural Peruvians, Clorox brought a Twitter-powered water fountain to South by Southwest Eco, which took place Oct. 6 to 8 in Austin.

The water fountain was located within The Clorox Safe Water Project Lounge, which also housed bleach dispensers and water containers installed and used in the Peruvian villages. Attendees who tweeted using the hashtags #safewaterproject and #fill received a unique code to enter into the water dispenser, which filled a branded water bottle for their own personal use. For each bottle filled, Clorox donated $1 to the Safe Water Project, a sum that provides one Peruvian with safe water for four months. People offsite also can donate to the project by logging into Twitter and using #safewaterproject. The company challenged attendees to raise $2,000 onsite and $20,000 through the end of the year.

“Programs like this allow us to talk to millennial consumers in a relevant way about our product and help us become more approachable for those who may not be familiar with it,” says Katie Keil, associate marketing director at Clorox. “Twitter is a key platform for us to launch this. It is an easy call to action.” Agency: Ketchum, Washington, D.C.

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