Inside CLIF Bar's 'Crazy' Proprietary Event: CykelScramble

Inside CLIF Bar's 'Crazy' Proprietary Event: CykelScramble
Going Solo: What Drives Brands to Take the Leap into Proprietary Events

Proprietary Event Strategies: CLIF Bar’s ‘Crazy’ Obstacle Course

CLIF Bar describes the CLIF Bar CykelScramble bicycle relay race as “four people, one bike, a half-mile crazy obstacle course and a festival,” and that pretty much sums it up. The proprietary CLIF Bar event (pronounced “seek-kel scramble”), took place on Sept. 24, for the second year in a row at Marin County Fairgrounds, 20 miles north of the company’s San Francisco headquarters. The event featured an obstacle course with jumps, swinging sand bags and beer barrels, along with food trucks, a climbing wall, a smaller dirt track for kids and adult spectators, CLIF product sampling stations and a live concert by Portugal. The Man.

Three hundred athletes competed in teams of four dressed in costumes. A cycling team from Pixar, the animation studio, for example, which is located down the street from CLIF Bar’s office, dressed as Tater Tots, a nod toward the potato product that is served every Tuesday in the Pixar commissary. After their races, teams kicked back in a VIP tent with complimentary food, including CLIF’s line of high performance bars and beverages.

More than 8,300 spectators took to various zones throughout the venue. In the family zone, they sampled CLIF Kids bars, made color spoke cards for their bikes and tried out the climbing wall and pump track, a mini course for spectators. Other activations included a photo booth in which trick photography portrayed participants performing bicycle loop-de-loops. Field reps on a giant tricycle and on foot with backpacks distributed samples of CLIF Bar’s newest flavor, Nut Butter Filled, a big focus of the event, along with CLIF’s LUNA bars and organic trail mix.

Sponsors included Camelbak, which provided CLIF Bar CykelScramble-branded water bottles that were refillable at water stations throughout the venue, in keeping with the event’s zero waste ethic. Other sponsors included Peet’s Coffee, Lagunitas Brewing Company, CLIF Family Winery and Orbea, which sponsors CLIF’s pro cycling team and provided bikes for the smaller pump track, and Mike’s Bikes, a local bike shop.

“At CLIF Bar, our goal is to feed and inspire adventure in all of us, and with owning our own event, this becomes a new way for people to experience our brand,” says Adrian Santos, event manager at CLIF Bar. “A lot of these people have never ridden a professional obstacle course for bikes. We want to inspire people to think outside their comfort zone and try something new.”

And maybe even bite into a CLIF Bar or two. Agency: In-house.



CLIF Bar describes the CykelScramble bicycle relay race as “four people, one bike, a half-mile crazy obstacle course and a festival.”


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