EM Interviews Rich Varga - Event Marketer

EM Interviews Rich Varga – Event Marketer

EM Interviews Rich Varga

There are brand ambassadors and there are Marquee Brand Ambassadors—those top-tier representatives that are highly trained and deeply trusted to be the face and voice of the brand in even the highest stakes marketing environments. Rich Varga is the latter, a front-line brand evangelist charged with representing the style and chic of the Chivas Regal brand at events all over the country. He was trained in Scotland by Chivas Master Blender Colin Scott and has perfected his skills as a Scotch expert for years since.

He has a personal passion for the finest of Scotch whiskies, and for Chivas Regal in particular, and he has personally trained more than 500 trade personnel and represented the brand at many high profile events, including the Cannes Film Festival, LA’s elite Black Card Circle, the Luxury Brand Summit’s World Conference and the Clint Eastwood Retrospective at LACMA. And when he’s at the local pub, he’s always happy to buy you a round. Here, he talks about what it takes to create and become the ultimate brand ambassador.

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