Chevy ‘Cruzes’ to VMAs with ’50s-Style Drive-In - Event Marketer

Chevy ‘Cruzes’ to VMAs with ’50s-Style Drive-In – Event Marketer

Chevy ‘Cruzes’ to VMAs with ’50s-Style Drive-In

As part of a strategy to launch its new Cruze vehicle, Chevrolet created a 1950’s-era drive-in theater that featured hip-hop artists N.E.R.D. and Ciara, and 350 car lovers and MTV fans who danced and partied among 100 classic and new Chevy cars. The event, which took place September 11 on the lot at Paramount Picture Studios, was filmed and overnight made into a commercial that ran as a 90-second spot the next night during MTV’s star-studded Video Music Awards.

“We wanted to create something that felt unique and connected Chevrolet to the millennial consumer in a way that was entertaining and blended content and commerce during one of the most successful tent poles that MTV has on air,” Angela Courtin, svp-integrated marketing at MTV, told Buzz.

The theme of this year’s VMAs offered a contemporary take on 1950’s Hollywood—that point in the last century when drive-ins and the original Chevy Cruiser was in vogue. The Cruze Drive-In, with the music, cars and a 100-foot-wide, 80-foot tall screen that served as a backdrop for the performances, connected that theme with today’s youthful target.

“We created an environment that appeared on air exactly as we wanted—high energy, fun, contemporary, fully branded but in an integrated way that connected the consumer to the brand but also the music,” Courtin said. “It was an integrated and immersive experience that was entertaining. It hit the trifecta with brand integration, the immersive nature of the commercial embedded in the show and the entertainment factor.” Agencies: Precision Event Group, Beverly Hills; Big Door Productions, Los Angeles.

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